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Dr. Cary Supalo


Dr. Cary Supalo is an internationally recognized expert in making STEM accessible to the blind, with a specific focus on skills for thriving in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As a blind chemist and chemistry professor, Dr. Supalo redefined inclusive hands-on laboratory learning for the blind by developing talking laboratory tools – a transformative intervention empowering the blind to independently conduct laboratory activities.

Dr. Supalo‚Äôs research queries how to leapfrog the full inclusion of the blind in STEM. To that end, he advises governments, international institutions, foundations, civil society organizations, and corporations. He is the founder of Independence Science, a boutique STEM access consulting firm. He is also the founder and chair of the annual ISLAND (Inclusion in Science Learning a New Direction) conference on disability and STEM. 

Dr. Supalo currently works at the Educational Testing Service. He is a graduate of Penn State University (PhD. 2010).

Image of Dr. Cary Supalo