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Dr. Hoby Wedler smiles in a garden.  Soft light diffuses through trees, and there are sprigs of flowers behind him.  

    Dr. Sheri Wells-Jensen smiles softly while playing a guitar.  

    Dr. Naheda Sahtout is in a laboratory.  She smiles confidently and her arms are crossed.   She wears a hijab and a lab coat.  

    Dr. Mona Minkara is in the cabin of an airplane making a parabolic flight to simulate zero gravity.  Her face is smiling with a strong sense of wonderment.   She is suspended and her arms and legs are outstretched.  

    Dr. Mona Minkara sits at her desk, smiling broadly.  Her hands are resting on a Polaris Braille machine.  

    Dr. Michele Mele presents in front of a classroom.  Behind him are an academic poster and a piano. 

    Dr. Wanda Diaz Merced stands on a stage, giving a presentation.  She carries a cane in her left hand.  Her right hand is up to her ear, inviting her audience to participate and have a dialogue.  She wears a small microphone.  

    Dr. Wanda Diaz Merced smiles, resting her hand on a machine that demonstrates the sonification of astrological data for study.  

    Dr. Sheri Wells-Jensen is photographed from behind.  She wears a flight suit, standing on an airport tarmac in front of the plane that will take her on a parabolic flight path simulating zero gravity.  Another plane is in the distance beyond.  

    Dr. Mona Minkara smiles brightly at her desk.  In her hands and sitting on her desk are lithophanes, 3D printed tactical images that are accessible to blind, partially-sighted, and sighted individuals.  

    Dr. Naheda Sahtout smiles in front of a classic car.  

    Dr. Cary Supalo sits on a panel.  He wears a suit, and he speaks into a microphone.  

    Dr. Sheri Wells-Jensen wears a flight suit and a face mask with a plastic panel over the mouth.  She sits in a board room.  

    A close-up of Dr. Michele Mele’s face.  His expression is intent.  He wears a suit.  

    In a series of three different photos, Dr. Hoby Wedler samples wine in front of wooden casks.

No one is left behind!

Building Momentum for Equality and Inclusion in Science

The Science in Braille campaign is an international consortium of Blind STEAM professionals, engaged in academia, and the public and private sectors, advocating for the equitable inclusion of blind individuals in education and socio-economic sustainable development programs as agents of change, not only as beneficiaries.

Why Science in Braille, and of what practical use can this be? Through this campaign, blind and low-vision STEM academics from around the globe come together and unite their experience, becoming agents of positive social and academic change. Science in Braille is transforming the societal perception of people with disabilities from only being recipients of benefits. This campaign is demonstrating by action that people with disabilities are vibrant, contributing instigators of change whose full engagement greatly enriches the global community.

Our International Commitment

Circle which represents the 17 UN Sustainable Goals

With great momentum and interest in the role of Blind Professionals and Experts can play to accelerate the socio-economic sustainable development, we work hand-in-hand with the International Community and multi-stakeholders to promote United Nations 2030 Agenda and its 17 Global Goals.

Our Partners

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Royal Academy of Science International Trust
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Permanent Mission of Lebanon to the United Nations
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Perkins School for the Blinds