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Diversity, Inclusion, Science and Culture

Inaugural Edition will be launched soon

Mission of the Magazine

The DISC magazine will become the cradle for new emerging perspectives and a driving force for the development of evidenced approaches to enrich current scientific approaches and extend those to society. Through careful moderation, DISC will document these fresh perspectives and will be supported by tools needed to achieve such purpose. DISC is a publication where people of all communication styles are celebrated as equals.

About The Magazine

The inaugural edition of the DISC (Diversity, Inclusion, Science, and Culture) magazine, coming Fall 2023, is a tool to disseminate, highlight, and promote world initiatives addressing equal participation in (but not limited) the field of science impacting society at large. The DISC magazine results from a collaborative experience where resources related to those aspects are collected from around the world and reimagined in a unique display. Answering the question, “where can I easily access content created for and by blind and partially sighted people,” the DISC publication brings forth culture, current events, history, science, and more through the perspective of a blind lens.