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About Science in Braille

Our Mission Statement

The Science in Braille campaign unites professionals in STEAM fields with the lived experiences of being blind or partially sighted to promote the accessibility of STEAM literacy and education for all.

Mission Statement Science In Braille

Our Vision Statement

Science in Braille is transforming the societal perception of people with disabilities from only being recipients of benefits.  This campaign is demonstrating by action that people with disabilities are vibrant, contributing instigators of change whose full engagement greatly enriches the global community. 

The Four Pillars of SIB

  1. 1. Leadership & Expertise

    The members of SIB are leaders and professionals in the fields of STEM with lived experiences as blind and partially sighted individuals, producing the latest solutions. The members of SIB promote their resources, knowledge, and expertise by periodically participating in panels and discussions. The purpose of this is to impact government policies.

  2. 2. Education

    The members of SIB support, promote, and develop educational tools that make science and science education more accessible.

  3. 3. Community

    The members of SIB facilitate a global community by connecting people through the DISC magazine and online forums, which holds space for conversation and sharing resources for blind and partially sighted individuals in STEM.

  4. 4. Knowledge Sharing

    The members of SIB maintain a curated list of resources publicly and openly available on the SIB website, serving as a repository of knowledge to support blind and partially sighted STEM students and professionals.